Communities and commercial sites
SpudFiles A large spudding community
Spudgun Technology Center A commercial website selling spudguns. Played a large part in building the spudding community.
Spudtech Forum Archive Luckily PCGUY, the owner of SpudFiles, was able to save the information in the Spudtech forums before they were taken down. Lots of good info here. A commercial website selling spudguns. Been around a while.
SpudCom A commercial website selling unique spudding parts.
BCArms A commercial website selling many common spudgun parts and full cannons.
Reference and tools
Gas Gun Design Tool AKA GGDT. A great pneumatic gun simulation program made by D_Hall.
Hybrid Gun Design Tool Similar to GGDT but for hybrid and combustion guns
Compressed Air Launcher Modeler CALM, a simple pneumatic gun performance model built in Python
btrettel's air gun simulation BAGS, another model written in Python
SpudFiles Wiki A Wiki devoted to spudding. Should be very usefull to anyone new to the hobby.
Wikipedia article A broad reference
Individual sites - No longer active
FoxxLord Many nice looking guns and handy sleeving info.
plasticex009 A monster gun with a unique valve and good diagrams. Other good info like a hydrotesting setup.
toolies Nice piston setup that allows for inline configurations.
boogieman (Advanced Spuds) Mostly combustion, but nice info on painting, as well as an intresting coaxial breach loader.
Spudwerx Home of the spudchucker1, nice cannon with an actuated ball valve.
Launch Worx Several nice small cannons and other info.
Master Blaster Spud Guns Very original and creative cannon, the Big Red, as well as some nice videos of it in action
Burnt Latke Lots of useful info such as proper solvent welding, making pvc rockets, safety, etc.
Antenna Launching Site showing a real life application of spudguns, as well as some nice designs and collected data.
Antenna Launching 2 Site similar to the one above, showing some different guns.
NeoSpud Mr. Plow's site. Really cool BB machine guns and unique cannons.
man o brass Lots of good concepts and ideas
Individual sites - Still active
jimmy Great site, lots of technical information and testing. Includes details on a homemade chrono
markfh11q Lots of cannons and good general info