Q: Why are all your pages under construction?
A: Unfortunately I made a lot of stuff before I decided to make a website. I'm working on adding content as I can, but I have a lot to add. If you are looking forward to anything in particular let me know and I can try to move it up in my priorities.

Q: Are these things legal?
A: Under US Federal law, yes, as long as they are not being used as weapons and not shooting dangerous ammo. Here is what the ATF has to say about it:
"ATF has previously examined "potato guns" or "spud guns" as described above and has generally determined that such devices using potatoes as projectiles and used solely for recreational purposes are not weapons and do not meet the definition of "firearm" or "destructive device" in either the NFA or GCA. However, ATF has classified such devices as "firearms" and "destructive devices" if their design, construction, ammunition, actual use, or intended use indicate that they are weapons. For example, ATF has classified such devices as "firearms" and "destructive devices" if they are designed and used to expel flaming tennis balls.

Possession and use of "potato guns" or "spud guns" may be restricted under State laws and local ordinances. Further, any person intending to make, use, or transfer any such device must be aware that they have a potential for causing serious injury or damage."

Taken from ATF Faq's

There are often state or local laws that may classify them as firearms, so you should check your local laws before building one.

Q: Why do you call them spud guns? You don't launch potatoes out of any of them.
A: I choose not to launch potatoes because they are messy and will go rotten if you don't use them soon enough, but all of these would be capable of shooting potatoes. I call them spud guns mainly because it is a term that most people are familiar with. Plus all of my designs and concepts were inspired by conventional pneumatic spud gun concepts.

Q: Who are you?
A: Just a guy from Oklahoma. I recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from OSU. Currently self employed (or probably more technically unemployed until I start making money). If doing my own thing doesn't work out I'll go back to the job hunt.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Visit my contact page.

Q: Wow I would love someone as inventive as you working for me. Would you?
A: If it is an interesting job I would certainly consider it. Contact me through my contact page.