Have a look around and enjoy your stay. Here you can find information about my spud guns, spudgun theories, how-to, safety information, and links to spud related sites. The navigation bar is at the top of the page.

Note: Site is still under construction and some links may not work.


13 Jan. 2010

A few updates on my other project, unfortunately no updates for this site yet. First the Cardapult is now available for sale, it has been for a little while now but forgot to update this page. Second I've posted a prototype of a new card called the Penny Shooter. To find out more about either of these visit my other website

8 Sep. 2009

Apologies about the lack of updates. Just posting this to let anyone who is interested know I am still here and still plan on filling in the site more. I've been working on making the Cardapult and eventually other fun promotional cards commercially available. will be the site where I will sell the cards once they become available, which should be pretty soon. However, I will be offering them to the people who have contacted me first before putting them up on the website.

I did do a small update by adding a few flipbooks of a yoyo throw and return. These were used to help analyze the motion of a yoyo for a school project that resulted in me building a motorized yoyo.

2 Apr. 2009

Debut of the Cardapult which is the subject of my first instructable.

28 Mar. 2009

Added galleries to all the launcher pages

Updated menu system to include drop-down lists for quick navigation. If you have visited this site before and the menu is broken then try Ctrl+F5. I'd like to thank Stu Nicholls of CSSplay for the menu technique. He also made the CSS method that I use for the flipbooks.

27 Jan. 2009

Introducing my high speed camera flipbooks. These pages make it easy to flip through recordings made with my high speed camera to examine what is happening. Hop on over to my creations page to check them out.

As a little project to help learn Javascript, I've also made a little web app I call the "flipbook measurement tool" to help examine how fast things are going in these recordings. Feel free to give me some feedback if you spot anything I can improve.

6 Jan. 2009

Updated safety pages and added concept pages. Clarified the fact that how-to pages are under construction.